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@RobThomas: “Veronica, Logan, Keith were the backbone of the show.” 

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meanwhile monica and chandler got a divorce and chandler ends up with rachel. ross died. joey kills paul rudd to be with phoebe.

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Why the How I Met Your Mother Finale is an Outrage


I was going to let this sit until tomorrow when I (one would hope) might be thinking more clearly—but my anger over the absolute ruination of what is quite probably my favorite sitcom of all time is 100% justified, so I’m going to slam this down right here and now.

Ted and Robin…

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"do not pity the dead, harry. pity the living. and above all, pity those who have been watching How I Met Your Mother for nearly a decade and got a really really shitty excuse of a final episode"

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What I found was a gamble

You threw yourself in with me

Made a cross and you lit a candle

But we were only strangers calling in a dark room

Rejecting stars or cozy lives on the wall

In the dark I thought I saw you

Or was it nothing at all


Every one I ever knew

I’m giving it all to you

I’m asking everything in return

And I have nothing left to lose

I’ll get it back through you

And take your offer

Prosthetic Love - Typhoon

I can
Hear the bells are
Ringing joyful
And triumphant

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If you look at the character of Rachel, a lot of what she does is not that appealing. She can be selfish, and she can be spoiled, and yet… you’re rooting for her. You’re not judging her at all. She has a vulnerability that I think we all relate to which is what makes it so rewarding to watch her accomplish all that she did." - David Crane

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